June 19th

No reading today! Instead of studying a particular book in the Bible, we are changing it up! Our next study will be a Biblical-based plan focused on how to build intentional friendships/relationships with Jesus as the center. We believe community is extremely important. As we build up our BCM family at UCF and meet amazing friends, we want to strive to go about it in a way that brings honor to our king, as well as creates a sense of belonging and purpose in EVERYONE who walks through our doors. Feel free to join us in the group study via YouVersion by creating a YouVersion account, and friending the UCF BCM account. After that, you will recieve an invite code to the group study plan and acquire access to the Bible readings, a devotional for each day, and an opportunity to discuss with the group what you got out of the passage. If you would not like to create a YouVersion account, the readings will continue to be posted in the blog. Either way, we encourage you to join us on Thursday nights at 7:30 to discuss the weeks study via zoom. Reach out to us at our email (ucfbcm@ucfbcm.com) or any of our social media accounts for the zoom meeting information.

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