The Gospel in Leviticus (and All of Scripture) – Emily Smith

First, let’s define some terms: The Gospel: The good news of Christ Jesus. We were made to commune with our God, who loves us and desires relationship with each of us. However, each of us has consciously chosen to defy God. We act contrary to his plans and commands. We sin. And because God is perfectly holy, just, and wrathful, […]

Parable and Perspective – TJ Tolle

At the beginning of last semester, Zach and I started a study of a book by CS Lewis called Mere Christianity. If you’re not familiar with it, the manuscript was originally delivered as three separate radio addresses during World War II, a time when Lewis felt that his native England was drifting from community with God, and had adopted a […]

How To Remember Who God Is – Sarah Nicholson

I, like everyone, have had a rough year. I have been— I am— confused and lonely. I’m a little bit disillusioned and cynical. I’m constantly tired, exhausted from Zoom, and drained from grieving all the things I’ve lost and will probably continue to lose. I’m burnt out from absorbing all of the terrible news from our deeply broken world. I’m […]