Message from a Student

I wasn’t a true follower of Christ till I got to this campus and started my college life. I was someone who grew up hearing about God, and what it meant to follow Him, but never made that relationship aspect of having a “walk with Christ” a reality.

When I finally got to UCF in the fall of 2009, God worked in me, in an incredible way. He somehow showed me the way to a BCM small group/bible study where I was introduced to a few fun loving guys who opened up the bible and read pages and pages of scripture with me. Along with that, I was able to see how the guys in the group lived differently, a life of rejecting temptation and sin, that separated them from the rest of the campus.

In the fall of 2010 I was invited on to the BCM leadership team, where I was able to make more friends, and build more relationships with fellow believers. Being on the leadership team challenged me to take little “leaps of faith”, whether it was praying out loud, giving a testimony, or leading a bible study. These challenges strengthened my faith and have helped shape who I am today.

One challenge that I took on was being president of BCM starting the fall of 2011 and it has been one of the most rewarding thing I have and will do while at college. To over look all the events, meetings, small groups and watch the people within them grow or believe in Christ for the first time has been a huge blessing! Although it makes my job easy when you have the best leadership team of all time surrounding you!

Our goal at BCM is to provide an experience that was similar to mine. One where you as a student are welcomed, and provided with a great atmosphere to learn about the Gospel, surrounded by fellow believers who will build you up. Come check us out!

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