About Us

BCM is a place for students to explore the claims of Jesus Christ and experience the excitement of answering the call to follow Him.

BCM stands for Baptist Collegiate Ministries, but you don’t need to be a Baptist, or even a Christian, to find a home here. Our students come from all kinds of backgrounds. We receive generous support from churches in the Florida Baptist Convention, and we’re thankful for it! Those churches–over 2800 of them across the state of Florida–and the people who faithfully contribute to them, have committed to invest in this ministry, and in you! Everyone is welcome!

BCM exists to reach out and serve our local college campuses, and BCM @ UCF is here for students at the University of Central Florida and surrounding colleges like Valencia and Seminole State and Full Sail. You can contact us by emailing ucfbcm@ucfbcm.com and connecting with us on our Social Media!

Our Location

 Cape Florida Ballroom on the third floor of the Student Union.



Brad Crawford serves as the director of BCM. He has been at UCF for over 20 years. In addition to his role as BCM director, Brad teaches in the Lead Scholars Academy, UCF’s leadership development program. He is also the director of the university’s Campus Faiths and Ministries organization. Brad and his wife Julie have 3 children— two are UCF graduates and one is a current UCF student.


Lizani Yera Sanchez serves as the president of BCM this fall and spring! She is a student at the college of business at UCF with hopes of achieving her undergraduate degree in management with a certification in human resources. Liza moved from Cuba to the United States when she was just 10 years old. Her family has been greatly involved in ministry her whole life, as her father has been a pastor at University Baptist Church for many years. Liza has a huge heart for serving God’s kingdom through ministry and leadership, and is very excited to see what God will do this year!

“If I had one word to describe the Lord it would be faithful. I’ve learned that I don’t need to perform to earn His love but instead His love is unconditional. Trust the process and enjoy the journey because His plans and His timing are perfect.”

Secretary – Richard Maiorini

Digital Media Director – Lindsey Wolbrink

Tech Director – Brandon Nguyen

Worship Leaders – Oswaldo Echeverria, Julianna Diaz, and Myles MacDonald

Bible Study Leaders – Hannah Moury and Colin Gilbert